1. 5. Grey's Anatomy. Mark and Lexi in the On-Call room.
    This made the list for comedic purposes. It's ridiculous and unrealistic to claim a woman can break a man's penis by doing overly aggressive on-top maneuvers. Chill out, Shonda Rhimes.
  2. 4. Finding Dory. Opening scene.
    Don't know if this one is real or not yet. But I'm convinced the best opening scene for Finding Dory would be one with Marlin and Dory bangin' it out in the anemone. Look for it in theatres June 17th.
  3. 3. American Psycho. The threesome with two hookers and Christian Bale.
    Classic sex scene that's intensely hot because of Christian Bale, yet ends with two prostitutes being beheaded :(
  4. 2. F•R•I•E•N•D•S. Ross and Rachel's first time.
    Ross takes Rachel to the planetarium with the intention of making a move. He brings snacks (smart guy), one of which happens to be a juice box. They start to get handsy and Rachel rolls on the juice box. The moisture makes her think Ross ejaculated prematurely, but she is relieved to find out that it's just juice box leakage. They playfully giggle and get back to bangin'. Unparalleled humor.
  5. 1. 8 Mile. Factory scene.
    Eminem pins Brittany Murphey against factory equipment and subtly/quietly pleasures her. It's exciting because it's in a public place and poses the risk for getting caught. You also get a glimpse of Eminem's chalky white ass. This scene literally changed me as a person. Everything I know about sex, I owe to this scene.