from a pretty rad member of the class of 2017, if I do say so myself
  1. Y'all have been a grade ahead of me my whole life.
  2. And that's weird because I'm friends with a lot of you???
  3. And now you're on your way out and my class will be at the end of the line???
  4. It's weird from my end and probably also your end and that's okay.
  5. But the things I know about you are:
  6. Y'all have been through some tough shit.
  7. You're some of the funniest, kindest people I know.
  8. You're brave and strong and beautiful.
  9. Whatever comes next is going to be what's right for you
  10. And you can get through anything.
  11. I would say good luck... but you don't need it.
  12. You have all the tools you need to do well.
  13. So get out there and be amazing.
  14. I believe in you. In all of you.
  15. 💕🌿