I switched schools at semester from a tiny private all girls school to a larger public school so there are a lot of classes to talk about and many teachers are terrible but some are fantastic 😍
  1. Literary Theory and Criticism
    HANDS DOWN THE BEST ENGLISH CLASS I HAVE EVER AND PROBABLY WILL EVER TAKE. First semester, this class was full of smart girls and an amazing teacher. We spent a lot of time yelling about (I mean discussing) feminism, Plato, and bodily functions.
  2. Library Assistant
    Not technically a class, but so I care? No. No I do not. I've gotten to create displays, set up bulletin boards about tolerance, rape culture, and self care, put in requests for additions to the library, and reorganize the entire shelving system. It's been amazing.
  3. World history (second semester)
    My history teacher is also my guitar teacher who also goes on hikes and raft trips and stuff with my therapeutic program in the summer. He's one of the smartest people I know and he understands where I'm coming from. Also, history is my intended college major, and the fact that he's a REALLY GOOD TEACHER has only encouraged this.
  4. ASL I (first semester)
    I'm not a great signer, but I had a lot of fun in this class. I learned a lot, and ASL is a pretty rad language to know. Not my favorite teacher, but the subject and my classmates outweighed that.
  5. Chemistry (first semester)
    We learned a ton and also watched videos of cute animals, and our teacher sometimes talked with us about the physiology of having sex. She's great.
  6. Honors English
    My second semester English class, which feels like a regular class, but that's because my school is in the poorest county in the state and literacy and test scores are lower here than anything I'm used to. Bright side, my teacher is amazing, and one of the most liberal people in this town, and I'm really good at his class.
  7. Chemistry (second semester)
    A lot faster paced than first semester, which is good and bad. The best part of this class is actual lab facilities, which, the tiny private school definitely didn't have. It's been fun. My teacher is sometimes hard to work with, but it happens.
  8. Choir
    I love singing and hate my teacher and 90% of the other people in this choir. But we're doing some really fun music (in part due to me not wanting to sing hyper religious music) and there's like 3 people in my choir who I ADORE. Plus, this was my jumpstart to auditioning for a fantastic choir for next year, so!
  9. Geometry (second semester)
    Quick pace, good teacher, not too much lecturing, and I'm good at math. This class is good in the most boring way possible.
  10. Spanish II
    I do not even a little bit feel like I'm good at this class, and yet I have a B for semester. How? I don't know. My sister is a Spanish major so I feel very inferior, but that's okay. I'm working on it.
  11. Geometry (first semester)
    Lecturing, slow going, my teacher talked a lot about religion and was pretty sexist. And works at an all girls therapeutic program. Not a good fit!
  12. World History (first semester)
    NO. this class was not even a class. I didn't learn anything and I'm really bitter. I could have taken the AP test if this class had been good buT NO.