1. Bake something that's terrible for me
    Brownies are good. M&M blondes are better.
  2. Take a nap
    In an actual bed, not at my desk
  3. Take a really long shower
    deep condition for once in my life
  4. Watch 18 ham4ham videos in a row
    Try not to cry. Maybe not the best idea?
  5. Watch ladylike and try guys videos
    Until i'm laughing so hard i might pee
  6. Pretend you're Zac Efron on the golf course in High School Musical 2
  7. Freewrite
    But only about happy things
  8. Call someone who loves me
    I could make a whole list of people for that, too
  9. Do 100 squats
    I might not be able to walk later though
  10. Make a pot of tea or coffee
  11. Plan a trip
    To somewhere beautiful
  12. Throw myself on my dogs
    Not literally. Maybe literally.
  13. Make origami
    Work on those 1000 cranes
  14. Paint with watercolors
    Angrily, if necessary
  15. Make a dent in one of my coloring books
    There are so many of them, goddamnit lee
  16. Clean stuff
    Like my bathroom. Or my dog.
  17. Clean stuff out
    Like my desk. Or my closet.
  18. Play piano
  19. Play ukulele
    Less angrily
  20. Sing along to something I love
    Preferably not angrily at all
  21. Count blades of grass
  22. Or stars
  23. Or pine needles
  24. Read a novel
    The trashy kind works best
  25. Make lists!