I'll only be here for one more month, but I've been here for eleven and I adore it / abhor it and that's worth talking about
    This is Lake Koocanusa, a HUGE lake spanning the US/Canada border right here in Montana.
  2. Glacier Park is never too far away.
    Sure, it's two hours from where I'm living, but that's nothing compared to, say, the ocean.
  3. There are real seasons!
    In western WA, where I originated, it's like, windstorm season, then rain and mud season, then 5 weeks of summer. But here there are clear distinctions! It's amazing!
  4. The music options are... Limited
    In my (admittedly rural) town, we get three radio stations: Rock, country, and Christian. And the country station is Canadian.
  5. Speaking of Canadians...
  6. We don't always like them.
    They drive... Um... Differently.
  7. But my town wouldn't exist without their tourism!
    Thank you Canadians!!!
  8. Almost everyone has a gun/guns.
    Before I moved here, my mom's prerequisite question for me going to a friend's house was whether there were guns. That doesn't work anymore!!
  9. And almost everyone hunts.
    It's an important part of both culture and food supply. Mad respect; I don't want to hear about it.
  10. Being vegetarian/vegan is unheard of.
    I, a lifelong vegetarian, have received a lot of disbelief and suggestions of various kinds of meat I 'should just try', because I would 'really like it, it's so good'. Or nah.
  11. People are REALLY PROUD of being from Montana.
    I see a lot of state shaped things and a lot of things that say 406. Like. A lot.
  12. There's a lot of wildlife.
    Deer season is every season. This is the biggest lesson I have learned here. There are also bears, mountain lions, elk, moose, turkeys, and so much more.
  13. Griz vs Cats is a serious matter.
    We're talking make or break in relationships.