if you don't know the spoon metaphor, google it! I've found it really helpful in articulating my own mental health stuff ✌🏼
  1. focus on your body. tense your muscles and then release them. make funny faces. wiggle.
    I think there's science about this making people less stressed, probably
  2. close your eyes for as long as you need and imagine what you'd most like to be doing
    my go-tos are skiing, sailing, reading, & painting, in case you need a jumping off place for your own ideas
  3. drink water! it can hardly hurt to hydrate.
    because really... have you had enough to drink today? yeah, me neither
  4. talk to or message someone who you care about & who cares about you & can lift you up
    my guitar teacher from before I moved and I have had several conversations initiated because I just need a reminder that someone really really really believes in me & my ability to be ok (which he totally does)
  5. scroll through Pinterest. focus on building up one or two boards at a time.
    I use Pinterest to make character/media mood boards and working intensely on one at a time is really soothing for me
  6. write a really detailed description of something. it can be anything, just use lots of nice adjectives and adverbs
    like 'grotesque' or 'dreamily' or 'pulchritudinous'
  7. watch a video of someone talking about something they're really passionate about
    this works really well for me; watching people get excited about things they love is one of the most uplifting things in the world
  8. silently try to recite all the way through a song or poem you love
    it focuses you on just one things, giving the rest of your body/mind some time to recuperate and/or relax
  9. or try counting things that there are a lot of around you
    like shoes, floor/ceiling tiles, cars, cups and etc. again, it's that focusing thing.