I've been doing this for seventeen years and it still sucks.
  1. I thought with TSA Precheck I could leave my computer in my backpack. I'm a little confused, Spokane.
  2. Dear all deli/grab and go places: please offer more than one token vegetarian option. You see, when that ONE sells out, I go hungry.
  3. Flying alone is way easier than flying with a group.
  4. Coffee is necessary for all flights.
  5. It never seems to occur to flight attendants that I might have been through the process of flying before. This makes me want to throw things.
  6. It seems like airport Starbucks are even worse about misspelling names. My name is three letters long, I promise it's not that hard.
  7. Why is the PDX carpet such a big thing? It's just carpet.
  8. I'm actually sort of good at the whole airport thing!