1. so every summer my town has a big ol weeklong festival/fair thing
  2. it's not awful in theory, there's rides for kids and dumb carnival games some stalls about local charities
  3. there's also a parade at the end of the week, which is like, charities and old cars and the festival queen and princesses (which is a character contest! it's lovely)
  4. so this fair is all nice things when you look at it from the outside
  6. I live two streets away from the parade route.
  7. and the parade route goes down the Main Street in town, of which there's a north side and a south side.
  8. I live on the south side.
  9. and on parade day, there's staging for five whole hours before the parade begins.
  10. the main street is blocked off for most of that five hours
  11. all the way down towards downtown
  12. leaving my house/most of my neighborhood literally entirely inaccessible for the duration of staging.
  13. my neighborhood didn't ask for this
  14. we were never like, hey, municipal government, please make it impossible for us to leave the house on a summer weekend! that sounds great!
  15. in fact, most of us want the opposite!
    imagine that!
  16. I'm honestly not even sure emergency vehicles could get in here if they were needed.
    I wonder if the city cares.
  17. I had to get dropped off and walk four blocks to get home, an hour and a half before the parade.
  18. my sister, who was driving, is walking about a mile from where she finally found parking (and is understandably furious about it)
  19. like... we just wanna get home. this fair isn't even fun once you hit about 16.
  20. and for the residents of this neighborhood, who get cut off and kept up by the music from the rides for a week...
  21. this is ignorant aggression on a phenomenal scale.
  22. I'm ready to set someone on fire.