1. Bunnies!!!! Y'all, there are bunnies everywhere and they are cute and fat.
  2. Diversity, Chicago is super diverse in every way. My coworker who speaks polish gets to use her skills all the time, Devon avenue is like nothing I've ever seen etc.
  3. Tacos seem to play the roll that slices of pizza play elsewhere. They are everywhere and they are cheap and they are delicious!
  4. House venues are abundant and don't seem to be under constant threat of being shut down.
  5. The entire length of the lake is public space!
  6. Chicago has been restoring a lot of it's land to this really great historic grassland that is romantic and beautiful and full of birds.
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  7. Chicago has amazing public libraries where you can do anything from rent fishing poles to recording your first mixtape (a la Chance the Rapper)
  8. The city is so damn big. In other cities I've lived in, there has always seemed to be a cool table that you were aware of. Here, it's too damn big for that. Which is my theory on why all the hip people seem to hate it here.
  9. Sometimes you have to really force yourself to leave your neighborhood.
    It's the case for me, anyway. I've been to other parts of the city, of course, but there's still so much I haven't explored yet in a 12-block radius. It doesn't help that I work from home.
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