1. Opening statement: Something like 'We are shockingly prone to the mass delusion engendered by the echo chamber of social media. We need to 'friend' people we disagree with. Urgently.' (this will be shortened, and pithier). Then I'd add:
  2. Caveat: I am not an expert on the Brexit issue.
  3. But leading up to yesterday, every person I like and respect was articulating incredibly convincing messages to remain.
  4. People who wanted to leave/Brexit seemed to be motivated by ignorance, crass emotion and xenophobia. The good guys would win. It was a no-brainer.
  5. I largely consume messages by people who agree with my worldview. I could not begin to summarize the "other side" with compassion or humanity.
  6. This is a problem. Specifically when we consider the threat of Trump (whose supporters we paint as ignorant, crass, and xenophobic).
  7. But he will lose, say polls. They are calling the future election as probably closer than we are comfortable with. But his loss.
  8. He will lose, say our friends. Anyone who's watched John Oliver's rant, Samantha Bee's wicked satire, read that Atlantic article, listened to that podcast about the origins and tools of fascist regimes. We have been so witty, so educated and sharp as we describe the Trump phenomenon. How could anyone see it otherwise?
  9. We need to stop preaching to ourselves
    (add smarter cliche here or make it a joke about sourcing romance via Xtian Mingles or Jdate)
  10. We don't need to get better at articulating our own belief system. We need to get better at understanding where our ideological opponents stand. And no, not the frothing racists you see in streeters. The rest of them.
  11. Instead of honing our satirical chops and pithy political commentary, let's use our collective intelligence and creativity to imagine a different belief system. And to meet those people with compassion instead of wariness.
  12. End with statement that draws together EU and USA into nice bow with nod to history, confirmation bias and some funny wordplay around snap chat and ephemeral views.