The long songs that go on forever and transport you, break you and stitch you up again. What are yours? What have I missed?
  1. Visions of Johanna (the long slow version)
    Bob Dylan / the country music station plays soft but there's nothing really nothing to turn off.
  2. I dream a highway
    Gillian Welch - Hollywood trembles on the verge of tears/I watched a waitress for a thousand years. I dreamed a highway back to you
  3. Heroin
    Lou Reed - it's my life and it's my wife
  4. Madam George
    Van Morrison - And outside they're making all the stops The kids out in the street collecting bottle-tops Gone for cigarettes and matches in the shops Happy taken Madame George.
  5. This is the sea
    The waterboys - here is your train. It's coming on down the line.its yours if you hurry. There's still enough time.