My most measures these songs should be way too long. But somehow they work.

The long songs that go on forever and transport you, break you and stitch you up again. What are yours? What have I missed?
  1. Visions of Johanna (the long slow version)
    Bob Dylan / the country music station plays soft but there's nothing really nothing to turn off.
  2. I dream a highway
    Gillian Welch - Hollywood trembles on the verge of tears/I watched a waitress for a thousand years. I dreamed a highway back to you
  3. Heroin
    Lou Reed - it's my life and it's my wife
  4. Madam George
    Van Morrison - And outside they're making all the stops The kids out in the street collecting bottle-tops Gone for cigarettes and matches in the shops Happy taken Madame George.
  5. This is the sea
    The waterboys - here is your train. It's coming on down the line.its yours if you hurry. There's still enough time.