1. heavy-lidded intentional blinking when hearing prayer
  2. pursuing transformative accountability in my personal life
  3. believing women, loving women
  4. trusting my gut
  5. acknowledging pain
  6. announcing pain
  7. washing hands ten seconds longer than inclined to
  8. feeling Ma in my collarbone
  9. knowing the only power I need is that which heals myself
  10. telling the truth
  11. holding hands (warning when my hand is sweaty)
  12. choosing stories, battles, and protagonists
  13. saying "I love you" the first time it flows to my tongue
  14. reciting poetry, syllables stumbling into breaths
  15. keeping read receipts on for text messages
  16. sitting in the bathtub, knees drawn to chest
  17. initiating eye contact with warmth
  18. diagnosing who is worth that energy
  19. swallowing envy, guilt, regret after swishing it around my mouth
  20. hydrating to minimize consequent heart burn
  21. imagining translation even after the conversation is over