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LES amazing candy store
This time of year everyone is talking about making changes and giving things up. Sometimes it just doesn't matter
  1. I QUIT CUSSING - it's been two years now and hardly anyone has noticed. Even my mom, who use to tell people I was her daughter who talked like a trucker.
  2. GAVE UP MEAT - for about 5 years. But since my motto (or tastebuds) has always been - no fish, no fowl - the rest of the meats didn't seem to matter. Until the doc told me I wasn't getting enough iron. Back to the cow bar I went.
  3. STOPPED CALLING MY MOTHER BY HER FIRST NAME - I guess this is my fault. I started calling her Peg in about 5th grade. And when I saw the blood boil in my dad each time, I kept doing it, for about 40 yrs. But right after he died, I went back to mum. Seemed pointless to keep it up and maybe he had been right all those years about respect.
  1. Because it means I'm getting home before the horrible Thanksgiving travel crush of Sunday.
  2. Because it means I get to sleep in my own bed
  3. And I will be in my own messy apt
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  1. We've already done our time. Summer is over.
  2. People still wear their winter coats and just look crazy.
  3. Global warming has to be real.
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