This time of year everyone is talking about making changes and giving things up. Sometimes it just doesn't matter
  1. I QUIT CUSSING - it's been two years now and hardly anyone has noticed. Even my mom, who use to tell people I was her daughter who talked like a trucker.
  2. GAVE UP MEAT - for about 5 years. But since my motto (or tastebuds) has always been - no fish, no fowl - the rest of the meats didn't seem to matter. Until the doc told me I wasn't getting enough iron. Back to the cow bar I went.
  3. STOPPED CALLING MY MOTHER BY HER FIRST NAME - I guess this is my fault. I started calling her Peg in about 5th grade. And when I saw the blood boil in my dad each time, I kept doing it, for about 40 yrs. But right after he died, I went back to mum. Seemed pointless to keep it up and maybe he had been right all those years about respect.