Hop Pun Beer Names, Part 1 - Maladies

We're in the midst of a raging pun hopidemic.
  1. Hopochondria
    An American IPA by Lakewood Brewing.
  2. Hopothermia
    An American Double IPA by Alaskan Brewing.
  3. PsycHOPathy
    An American IPA by MadTree Brewing. Too much can make you crazy.
  4. Hopititis C
    An American Double by 515.
  5. Diprohopus
    Another American IPA, this one from Elysian Brewing. May cause double vision.
  6. ...
    In case that last pun and its accompanying joke weren't clear, here's a bird with diprosopus. Do yourself a favor and don't Google it.
  7. Hopsomniac
    Back to beers: an American IPA by Captain Lawrence. Drink enough and you might just forget all about diprosopus
  8. Hopturnal Emission
    An APA by Widmer Bros. The stuff of (erotic) dreams.
  9. Was it not the Marquis de Sade who said, "Hop puns, like cancerous cells, are wont to multiply unchecked."?