Do you like French fries? Then strap in and prepare your taste buds for a delectable list of a number of different varieties that will make your mouth water.
  1. Shoestring - we're talking Steak and Shake type fries here. Pretend you're a giant and the fries are sacrificial lambs from local farmers and shovel them in your mouth
  2. Curly - these fries have got KICK! We're talking spicy and weirdly shaped. Yeah spirals are the best - you can't deny it.
  3. Tater tots - some idiots may not consider tots to be in the same category as fries but that's because they are ignorant communists.
  4. Waffle fries - not a favorite of mine by any means but slather some cheese on these bad boys and you're IN BIDNEZZ!!!
  5. Steak fries - the worst of all. Too much potato. I'd rather have no side at all. Steak fries are the devil's starchy fingers. NO THANK YOU!
  6. Potato wedges - oh, you mean the bastard son of steak fries and seasoned fries? No thanks.