Books I Have Read More Than Once

  1. The Secret History by Donna Tartt
    One of, if not my favorite books. An East coast campus with ivied brick in a small college town, liberal arts majors and murder? What's not to love?
  2. The Monster's Ring
    I loved this book as a child. As an adult, I see the obvious reasons why kids are drawn to it, but I think I latched onto something more than that.
  3. 1984
    A fantastic dystopian novel that became an odd prediction of some current day issues. Read it for what it is and don't politicize it and you'll be fascinated.
  4. Fahrenheit 451
    See Above
  5. The Whores of Lost Atlantis by Charles Busch
    I can't even. I just can't. You'll love it.
  6. Something Wicked This Way Comes
    I have been rereading this book since I was a preteen. Every time I read it, I find something new. Brilliant.