All the photos I took along the way
  1. Blue skies and sunshine
    After a week of rain, I just needed to capture this moment of pleasantly
  2. Warm vs Cool
    My friend can't tell the different between warm and cool colours so I took this picture to elucidate the difference.
  3. So many greens.
  4. I think this is so cool.
  5. Piazza del Campidoglio
    This my favourite piazza, I can't walk through without taking a picture.
  6. I found the textiles shop!!!!
    It was like Harrods for materials and I had to talk about pillow stuffing in my very limited Italian. It turns out they didn't have it.
    I was like I better Tiger has it! Tiger is European, an ikea for tat. So I went in and found it straight away. I took this picture to send to my friends to ask how many to get. They suggested 3 to be safe. I told them I got 4 to be really safe. I actually bought 5.
  8. WOOL!
    I spotted this wool in Tiger, big fat wool. For 6 euro. I sent a picture to my friend asking if she wanted some.
  9. My favourite view in Rome.
    I took this literally as I was walking past as I couldn't help myself AND LOOK HOW PRETTY IT IS!!!
  10. Impressionist Masterpiece?
    Tried to capture one of the many groups of Segway tourists that plague the city but failed and it's blurry but it's also kind of cool.
  11. Instagram capture
    I'm planning to post this with the caption "50 Shades of Pastel"
  12. Cactus?
  13. Another contender for "50 shades of pastel"
  14. Good God Roman light is great.
    Another shot of the forum, almost home here and late for dinner, but couldn't not pause for a second.
  15. The FAO
    This building is perhaps the ugliest in Italy. But, even it can look pretty in the Roman sun.