I have always read a lot, and I had really great expectations for the ages 14-18, most of which were highly unrealistic, here are some of the biggest surprises:
  1. I do not have insanely hot, nerdy but also athletic boyfriend who dotes on me.
  2. I have not been recruited to a spy agency.
  3. I don't fight with my parents and slam the door as I leave the room.
  4. I do not sneak out to parties.
  5. I do not have magical powers.
  6. I do not have super powers.
  7. I have not once flirted with a boy at a bookstore.
  8. I haven't even experimented with a girl?
  9. I am not cool and studious, and do my multitudes of homework in a beautiful library.
  10. The world has not ended.
  11. I have not been revealed as the chosen one.