@aus10 my last minute march madness contender
  1. If my life were a book, a recurring motif would be monkeys 🐒🐒🐒
  2. This does not mean I like them - monkeys are odious creatures.
  3. That have plagued me my entire life.
  4. I will now recount the first story of many that haunt my nightmares.
    I only started to tell this story a few years ago, for the 7 years before that I just attempted to repress it, forbidding my family from telling the story.
  5. I am 7 years old
  6. In a train station in northern India pre a 7 hour train journey out of he mountains.
    Train stations in India are hectic in the least, and a lot for a small child.
  7. I am holding a see through plastic bag full of fruit, our only food for the whole journey.
  8. Suddenly, I feel a hand on mine.
    Small, strong.
  9. In my head it could have been my mum, my siblings or perhaps one of the many people in the heaving building.
  10. So I let go.
  11. And spin round.
  12. And am face to face with a monkey.
  13. The monkey proceeds to run a way away.
  14. It sits on the ground.
  15. Opens the bag.
  16. Monkeys drop from the rafters.
  17. And the ringleader rolls them the apples and oranges from my picnic.
  18. Keeping the banana for himself.
  19. It wasn't the fear that kept me from sharing this story, but the embarrassment and sadness of my failure to keep our food safe.
    As I have grown, this feeling has dissipated a small amount, but I can still feel the pain in my gut when I tell the tale.
  20. I was mugged by a monkey, and I'm only now okay with it.