My father is very spiritual, very affectionate, very funny, very excellent. His emails are long, and emotional, and constant (but I love them however much I protest).
  1. (He doesn't take off these sunglasses)
  2. Hey Moggles All good in Reckyourvique?
    I think he means Reykjavic, (he calls me moggles)
  3. As one set of issues passes, let another arise, perhaps even start to look about in the darker corridors and closets for the really stinky laundry.
    In an email regarding the blood moon?
  4. Next you'll be telling me you're not even allowed to light a cigarette on school premises. It's political correctness gone mad I tell you....
    He thinks he's hilarious (he makes me laugh)
  5. No ghoulies allowed in - unless they're really attractive
    A Halloween warning
  6. I love you no less than when you were that shy but beautifully happy baby hanging on to my calf muscle for security
    Sentimental git.
  7. Having a private view of Dodecad at the convent for the nuns and a few friends.
    He works at a nunnery? He loves institutionalised living, old ladies and their baking.
  8. Ps check out the low western sky this evening after sunset. Venus and Jupiter in alignment and turn into a fabulous megastar just above the horizon. Way beautiful. Astrologically it's all about the Love Moggs.
    Astrologically he's a master.
  9. I voted for the Love party but they didn't get in. Also voted the only responsible way an adult can in a world way post peak oil and in which the greed of the many impinges continually on the lives of those that are disempowered and discounted. Green.
    Getting political (this text went on for so long it took me 3 attempts to read in one go.)
  10. Your Pa is thinking of you in a fog of surrender
    The latest message I received - I love him a lot.