I have been in boarding since the age of 9, I am in my 9th year
  1. Life is easier if you follow the rules
    Sad, but true.
  2. Life is more fun if you don't
  3. It's easier to have fun if there are more rules to break
    I had particularly good time subverting the one pair of sensible stud earrings rule.
  4. Chatting over a hot drink (preferably tea/hot chocolate) will bond anyone
  5. It is quite possible for a group of 10 year old girls to drive a teacher crazy
    I have experience in this field.
  6. Rooming with someone who is the polar opposite of you is more fun than rooming with your best friend
  7. Nothing unites a group like a hatred of people in charge.
    I understand this is a cliché sentiment, but I came to the idea on my own age 11 under the rule of a particularly tyrannical house mistress.