1. Develop a catch phrase
  2. Replace handshakes with high fives
  3. Find a dead body while jogging
  4. Intentionally fail a drug test for work instead of just quitting
  5. Militantly protest something you know nothing about
  6. Start a food fight in the break room at work
  7. Crash a little league baseball game
  8. Join a rec sports league and become the overly competitive one
  9. Count how many FanDuel commercials you see in a 24 hour period
  10. Yell at a waiter at a nice restaurant over a minor detail
  11. Panhandle in your free time under the name "Mamba Jack"
  12. Join the Donald Trump campaign team
  13. Write nonsensical angry letters to the coach and/or front office of your favorite sports team
  14. Spend one year as a bandwagon fan
  15. Develop a drug habit
  16. Buy only one share of a public company and become heavily involved in the company via letters to the board, participating in every shareholder vote or conference call, and requesting a personal meeting with the CEO.
  17. Reply to a missed connection on Craigslist posing as the missed connection
  18. Go on a nationwide bathroom tour of every five star hotel in the country