Emotional Manipulation Mapping=patent pending
  1. #10. Horror
    nervous/ gross/ boobs and/or sex stuff/stupid dialogue/gross/nervous/gross/bored. Fin.
  2. #9. Cartoon/Animation
    cute/colorful/neat art/recognize voice talent/laughter/cute. Fin.
  3. #8. Independent Comedy/Drama
    irony/ laughter/ nervous/ irony/ sex stuff/ laughter/ irony/ irony. Fin.
  4. #7. Period Drama/Comedy
    costumes/ pretty stuff/set design/ locations/kissing/COSTUMES!! Fin.
  5. #6. Action/Superhero
    fight/laughter/ neat car and/or plane and/or motorcycle /explosions/ fights/ laughter/explosions/ effects/SO MANY CHASES AND FIGHTS AND EXPLOSIONS! Fin.
  6. #5. Romantic Comedy
    happy/laughter/nervous/awww!/laughter/happy! Fin.
  7. #4. Thriller
    nervous/nervous/fight and/or violence/twist!/nervous! Fin.
  8. #3. Drama
    nervous/sad/distracting humor and/or sex stuff/ SAD/ IRONY/ bittersweet/ Oscar! Fin.
  9. #2. Science Fiction/Fantasy
    happy/rad effects!/nervous/cool goddamn dragons and/or space ships!/chases!!/explosions/happy! and/or twist-DAYUM. Fin.
  10. #1. Heist
    nervous/laughter/ twist!/ laughter/ twist!/ sex stuff/ double cross!!/chase!/ FUCKINAWESOMEYEAH!!! Fin.