80s Movie Characters I Wanted to Be

  1. Iona from Pretty in Pink
    Best apartment, best style, best job.
  2. Samantha in Sixteen Candles
    Sure her family sucks, but ... Jake Ryan!
  3. Ferris Bueller
    Best day off ever.
  4. Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful
    Gloves & drums FOREVER
  5. Corey in Say Anything
    That moment when she finally stands up to Joe!
  6. Lydia Deeds in Beetlejuice
    Goth girl style + ghosts for best friends!
  7. Marty McFly in Back to the Future (all three!)
  8. Veronica in Heathers
    With better friends & a less psychotic love life...
  9. Billie Jean, the woman, the LEGEND
    We will be invincible.
  10. Susan in Desperately Seeking Susan
    Eating Cheetos by the pool in her bra and giving NO fucks