In order of remembering ... tho I'm sure I'm forgetting someone!
  1. Mr. Rodgers
    That sweater! When I was little little I vowed to one day marry him. Yeah, I know that's all kinds of messed up.
  2. Fonzie
    That motorcycle! I had a door-sized poster of the Fonz that I'd kiss every night before going to bed.
  3. Wonder Woman
    That lasso! Lynda Carter was perfection. I wanted to BE her, obvs. but I also wanted to be with her. Constantly.
  4. The Bionic Woman
    Those jumping skills! Not quite as rabid as my feelings for WW, but still strong. I hung a glossy 8x10 of Lindsay Wagner on my wall & imagined us kicking ass together.
  5. Luke Skywalker
    That lightsaber! I was 5 when I saw A New Hope, so cut me some slack took me awhile to realize my next crush was the real deal.
  6. Han Solo
    That Falcon! I mean, come on. Solo was the reason I wasted so much time pursuing bad boys and looking for their Rebel heart of gold.
  7. Jack Sikma
    That uniform! #43, Seattle Supersonics. What can I say? My dad took me to a lot of basketball games.
  8. Alex P. Keaton
    That tie! So square, yet so cute. I just knew if I got ahold of him I could change him into a liberal.