I don't have many pictures on my phone but these are some of the ones I do have.
  1. Static
    A picture of Frida Kahlo's eyes tattooed on someone's finger done by JonBoy. Something I want to get done.
  2. Static
    A picture of my favorite aunt, my sister, and I when we were younger.
  3. Static
    A picture I took of a rose in a rose garden, on Earth Day (my birthday).
  4. Local
    This is actually a Gif that I have had on my phone for too long of Craig (Ice Cube) from Friday.
  5. Static
    A picture of mí nana Tiña (great grandma, lady sitting) mí tata Pancho (great grandpa, guy standing with hat) and mí nana Changel (grandma, the baby lady sitting is holding) and some of my great grandmother's family.