Fun list of occupations I'd want to have and some I am even qualified to do.
  1. Politician
    Except I fear public speaking and I'm a terrible liar.
  2. Restaurant owner
    Maybe try being the chef as well. A Mexican restaurant, with real Mexican food. However, I'd want to spend an entire year traveling Mexico to ensure I'm representing the food as authentic as possible.
  3. Interior home designer
    I'd be the shiiit! All the time spent watching HGTV and DIY network can be put to good use.
  4. Game developer
    Video games are cool and I have great ideas.
  5. CEO of my own business
    This would be my dream job. Honestly what I'm striving for.
  6. Professional Netflix watcher
    I'd be great at categorizing Netflix content, and I'm an avid fan of Netflix.
  7. Restaurant critic
    I love food. The guy from Ratatouille was amazing. So I'd obviously be great at that.
  8. Chairman of a school committee
    Making sure schools are equipped and have the budget to guarantee students can succeed.
  9. Governor
    Making important decisions for my state would be something I'm great at.
  10. Supreme Court Justice
    I've never practiced law, but I have seen 17 seasons of Law&Order:SVU, so I think I'll be fine. Plus I would 100% better than Antonin Scalia ever was.
  11. Wood worker
    I'd love to work with Nick Offerman in his shop. His enthusiasm for woodworking is inspiring and it'd be an honor to be taught by/work alongside him.
  12. Director
    I wanted to be a director from the ages of 11-16, and I truly believe I could be great at it.
  13. Badass hacker
    Hackers are so interesting, and being able to decide to be a white hat hacker, black hat hacker, or a gray hat hacker is cool. My knowledge in coding and reading/writing code is pretty good.