Characters more interesting than Piper and Alex

Truthfully they're the least interesting people on the show.
  1. Maria and Yadriel
  2. Suzanne
  3. Taystee
    Hilarious. Love her!
  4. Chang
    She's one of the funniest characters.
  5. Dayanara and Aleida
    Where the fuck Bennett at tho?!
  6. Cindy
  7. Sophia
    Missing her in the first episodes of season 4
  8. Blanca
    Same Blanca same.
  9. Poussey
    Plus I have a huge crush on her. 😍😍
  10. Flaca and Maritza
  11. Gloria
  12. Pennsatucky and Big Boo
  13. Red
  14. Bonus: Yadriel in Season 4
    We see him and Maria's relationship when they were younger. Ian Paola is 🔥🔥