Diverse books from around the world to read to your kid

Not in order. Just some fun and diverse books for children. I might add some more later.
  1. Marisol McDonald Doesn't Match by Monica Brown
    What's it about? A multiracial young girl has a love for things other would believe don't match. Just like herself. However, that doesn't stop her from loving and embracing her culture.
  2. Silent Music: A Story of Baghdad by James Rumford
    What's it about? Ali loves soccer, music and dancing, but most of all, he loves calligraphy. When bombs begin to fall on his city, Ali turns to his pen, writing words to the silent music that drowns out the war all around him.
  3. Cherry Tree by Ruskin Bond
    What's it about? Set in Northern India, a grandfather and granddaughter face the challenging process of growing a cherry tree.
  4. Martina the Beautiful Cockroach by Carmen Agra Deedy
    What's it about? A cockroach in Cuba with dreams of love and marriage, has a coffee test for her suitors. However, her suitors continue to fail her Cuban coffee test, which leaves her questioning if there's a suitor out there for her.
  5. Mummies Made in Egypt by Aliki
    What's it about? Aliki describes and illustrates the techniques and the reasons for the use of mummification in ancient Egypt.
  6. The Day of Ahmed's Secret by Florence Parry Heide
    What's it about? Ahmed is a young boy living in Cairo whose job is to deliver canisters of butane gas using his donkey cart. He has a special secret that he can tell no one but his family, but not until the end of his delivery day.
  7. Goodbye, Rune by Marit Kaldhol
    What's it about? Story of a little girl mourning the loss of her best friend, who died in a drowning accident. Helps guide children through the experience of loss.
  8. One Green Apple by Eve Bunting
    What's it about? A muslim girl from an unnamed country is a recent immigrant. She’s on a school field trip to an apple farm and notices that some children are kind to her but others are not.
  9. Happiness is a Watermelon on Your Head by Stella Dreis
    What's it about? Miss Jolly is an exceptionally happy lady, much happier than her friends and neighbors. As they all compete with one another to be happier than Miss Jolly, somehow each ends up discovering the secrets to true happiness.
  10. My Father’s Shop by Satomi Ichikawa
    What's it about? A Morrocan boy, Mustafa, gets to keep a damaged rug from his father’s shop and he wears it over his head as he walks about the market place. The bright colors attracts a rooster and the commotion that follows leads customers from all over the world back to his father’s shop after sharing the how each person from a different country describes the rooster’s crow.
  11. Deep in the Sahara by Kelly Cunnane
    What's it about? Lalla lives in Mauritania. Growing up, she wants to wear a malafa — a brightly colored cover that Muritanian women wear in public — just like her mother and older sister. However, before she can begin that rite of passage, she must understand the true purpose of the malafa isn’t to repress but to honor, and that to wear it is a choice, not a requirement.
  12. Fatima and The Dream Thief by Oliver Streich
    What's it about? A folk tale in which a young girl, Fatima, has to outwit her cruel master to save both herself and her brother.
  13. Tía Isa Wants a Car by Meg Medina
    What's it about? Tia Isa’s niece is determined to help her aunt buy a car. It’s difficult when so much of this immigrant family’s money gets sent to Mexico, to help the remaining family members immigrate to the United States as well. But with hard work, Tia Isa and her niece just might manage to save enough.
  14. Possum Magic by Mem Fox
    What's it about? When Grandma Poss's magic turns Hush invisible, the two possums take a culinary tour of Australia to find the food that will make her visible once more.
  15. Dim Sum for Everyone! By Grace Lin
    What's it about? A child describes the various little dishes of dim sum that she and her family enjoy on a visit to a restaurant in Chinatown.
  16. Liang and the magic paintbrush by Demi
    What's it about? A poor boy who longs to paint is given a magic brush that brings to life whatever he pictures.
  17. Big Rain Coming by Katrina Germein
    What's it about? A community in a desperate drought situation, and tells of their daily lives as they wait for the rain to come.
  18. Fat Cat by Margaret Read MacDonald
    What's it about? A greedy cat grows enormous as he eats everything in sight, including his friends and neighbors who call him fat.
  19. Who Was King Tut? By Roberta Edwards
    What's it about? Explains the life and times of this ancient Egyptian ruler, covering the story of the tomb's discovery, as well as myths and stories of mummy curses.
  20. The Boy, The Bear, The Baron, The Bard by Rogers Gregory
    What's it about? As a young boy wanders into an abandoned theater, he embarks on a time-traveling adventure in which he becomes a hero chased by none other than William Shakespeare through the famous Globe Theater, the crowded streets of Elizabethan London, and London Tower. This action-packed saga is told without words.
  21. Lion's Whiskers: an Ethiopian Folktale by Nancy Raines Day
    What's it about? In this tale from the Amhara people of Ethiopia, a patient woman uses her experience with a wild lion to win the love of her new stepson.
  22. The Cat Who Walked Across France by Kate Banks
    What's it about? After his owner dies, a cat is shipped elsewhere, but he wanders across the countryside of France back to the home he once had, the stone house by the edge of the sea.
  23. Pandora by Robert Burleigh
    What's it about? Although Pandora has a house, gardens, and numerous gifts, she is drawn to the room that holds a forbidden jar. Is her curiosity a gift or a curse?
  24. The Problem with Chickens by Bruce McMillan
    What's it about? When women in an Icelandic village buy chickens to lay eggs for them to use, the chickens follow them, adopting human ways and forgetting their barnyard roots, until the ladies hatch a clever plan.
  25. The Road to Mumbai by Ruth Jeyaveeran
    What's it about? Shoba and her pet monkey, Fuzzy Patel, set out overnight by flying bed to attend Fuzzy's cousin's wonderful wedding in Mumbai, India.
  26. The Rich Man and the Parrot by Suzan Nadimi
    What's it about? A parrot tricks a wealthy merchant into setting him free.