Good Burger* Places

*Chicken sandwiches also included. I'm back!! 🎉🎉
  1. In-n-Out
    Simple good burgers; decent fries are also served.
  2. Shake Shack
    Really fucking good burgers.
  3. Whataburger
    Good burger; good fries.
  4. Umami Burger
    Great variety of burgers, really good.
  5. Chick-fil-A
    Chicken burgers are pretty good, fries are amazing, chicken nuggets are delicious, and lemonade is dope.
  6. Dick's Drive-In
    Fucking great burgers.
  7. BurgerFi
    Amazing burgers.
  8. Five Guys
    Depends on which one you go to 'cause sometimes they're shitty but mostly pretty good.
  9. Johnny Rockets
    Delicious burgers and fucking great shakes.
  10. Dave and Busters
    BBBacon burger is really good. Plus super fun hangout place.
  11. Steak 'n Shake
    A decent burger.
  12. Little Nugget Diner
    Specifically the Awful Awful burger.
  13. Fuddruckers
    Decent burgers but really good fries.
  14. **Binging with Babish by Andrew Rea**
    Really cool YouTube videos dedicated to emulate and improve famous dishes in tv-shows/movies.
  15. A & W
    I miss their real burgers so much, the veggie one is aight though.
    Suggested by   @shadowman
  16. White Spot
    I loved their burgers when I ate meat and still love them as a vegetarian, their veggie patties are amazing! Only kids get the cardboard boats though, unfortunately. 😛
    Suggested by   @shadowman
  17. Box car Betty's
    Charleston, SC
    Suggested by   @elmospimpingme
  18. Sesame Burgers and Fries
    Charleston, SC
    Suggested by   @elmospimpingme