Great things about 2016: advent calendar

An advent calendar about what made 2016 good for me. Which unfortunately doesn't feel like much but entertainment, family, and people made this year better.
  1. Day One: Milo
    The first month of the year, my cousin had her baby and named him Izmael (I call him Milo). He's the only baby in the entire family so we are all spoiling him rotten until my other cousin has her baby girl (Aaliyah).
  2. Day Two: Hip Hop Evolution on Netflix
    Just finished this documentary on Netflix and it was amazing. Watch it!
  3. Day Three: Lin-Manuel Miranda
    This man is just such a ray of sunshine. He is brilliant, talented, and his presence has made this year better. From Hamilton, to his Tony speech, to his Late Night appearances, to his Drunk History episode, to Moana, to his overall cheery mood. Love him.
  4. Day Four: This picture of my aunt
    Was looking through her photo albums and found this gem. One of the best things I've ever seen.
  5. Day Five: Dual Citizenship
    I finally became a citizen of the US, and was able to participate in the election.
  6. Day Six: my mom
    The lady with the red pants and black and white jacket. That's my mamá! The people sitting down are my grandparents. The rest of the people are aunts and uncles. My mom is the best, she obviously made this year better with her humorous personality.
  7. Day Seven: Lemonade
    Beyoncé made one of my favorite albums this year.
  8. Day Eight: Bernie Sanders
    What a great morally driven man. He tries his best to do what's right but also has to play the game of politics. He's an admirable and respectable man.
  9. Day Nine: 4 Your Eyez Only
    Every. Single. Song. Is. Fucking. Beautiful!
  10. Day Ten: Tamales
    Made tamales today. It's a good day!