I'm Paola and here's what I believe

  1. You should smile at strangers at the grocery store
    Lol at the gif.
  2. It's Jif
  3. Everyone should be a great gift giver
    It isn't difficult to pick the perfect gift for someone. Even for a person like me that doesn't say much (I've been told I'm the toughest person to pick gifts for), when I express interest in something just listen and keep it in mind when you go pick something.
  4. Jellyfish are the absolute best
    They are beautiful and you should appreciate them more!
  5. Being the middle child is the best and the worst
    Pro: People forget about you aka less talking to people. Con: Blamed for everything by older sibling and younger sibling.
  6. You're not too fucking old to watch cartoons/ kid movies
    I hate when people say this. Fuck off, you're never too old for shit.
  7. You are insane if you haven't listened to Hamilton
    Seriously listen to it.
  8. Candy Corn is the worst
    I don't know why some of you love this shit.