Museum bucket list

List of museums to visit, from around the world. *Thanks to @human_otter @bmusnuff @clairesvoyant @tweedledee for the suggestions
  1. The Smithsonian Institution
    Location: Washington, D.C. Famous pieces: The Magic Room (Valdez), Stu-mick-o-súcks (Catlin), Cape Cod Morning (Hopper)
  2. The Louvre
    Location: Paris, France. Famous pieces: Mona Lisa (de Vinci), Dying Slave (Michelangelo), Code of Hammurabi
  3. Metropolitan Museum of Art
    Location: New York City, NY. Famous pieces: Self-Portrait With a Straw Hat (Van Gogh), Portrait of a Young Woman (Vermeer), The Water Lily Pond (Monet)
  4. Musée d'Orsay
    Location: Paris, France. Famous pieces: Van Gogh self-portrait (Van Gogh), The Angelus (Millet), The Ballet Class (Degas)
  5. British Museum
    Location: London, UK. Famous pieces: Rosetta Stone, Portrait of Isabella Brandt (Rubens), Swinging (Kandinsky)
  6. Rijksmuseum
    Location: Amsterdam. Famous pieces: The Milkmaid (Vermeer), The Night Watch (Rembrandt), The Sick Child (Metsu)
  7. Van Gogh Museum
    Location: Amsterdam. Famous pieces: The Potato Eaters (Van Gogh), Sunflowers (Van Gogh), The Bedroom (Van Gogh)
  8. Museum of Modern Art
    Location: New York City, NY Famous pieces: The Starry Night (Van Gogh), The Persistence of Memory (Dalí), Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (Picasso), The Lovers (Magritte)
  9. Museo Nacional Del Prado
    Location: Madrid, Spain. Famous pieces: Las Meninas (Velázquez), The Garden of Earthly Delights (Bosch), La maja desnuda (Goya)
  10. Uffizi Gallery
    Location: Florence, Italy Famous pieces: Primavera (Botticelli), Adoration of the Magi (da Vinci), Ognissanti Madonna (Giotto)
  11. Scottish National Gallery
    Location: Edinburgh, UK Famous pieces: Diana and Actaeon (Titian), Orchard in Blossom (Van Gogh), Pilas de Trigo en la Nieve (Monet)
  12. Tate Gallery Britain
    Location: London, UK Famous pieces: Ophelia (Millais), The Beloved (Rossetti), Beata Beatrix (Rossetti)
  13. National Museum of Anthropology
    Location: Mexico City, MX Famous pieces: Aztec Calendar Stone, Pakal's Mask, Coatlicue statue
  14. Hermitage Museum
    Location: St. Petersburg, RU Famous pieces: Dance (Matisse), Venus Tauride, Penitent Magdalene (Titian)
  15. The Museum of Qin Terra-cotta Warriors and Horses
    Location: Xi'an, China
  16. Art Institute of Chicago
    Location: Chicago, IL Famous pieces: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte (Seurat), American Gothic (Wood), The Old Guitarist (Picasso)
  17. Museum of Latin American Art of Buenos Aires
    Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina Famous pieces: Abaporu (Tarsila), Los viudos o El viudo (Botero), Autorretrato con chango y loro (Kahlo)
  18. Accademia Gallery
    Location: Florence, Italy Famous pieces: David (Michelangelo), The Arnina (Bartolini)
  19. Pergamon Museum
    Location: Berlin, Germany Famous pieces: Ishtar Gate, Pergamon Alter, Aleppo Room
  20. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art*
    Location: San Francisco, CA Famous pieces: The Flower Carrier (Rivera), Frieda and Diego Rivera (Kahlo), Personal Values (Magritte)
  21. Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum*
    Location: New York City, NY Famous pieces: Mountains at Saint-Remy (Van Gogh), The Yellow Cow (Marc), Red Lily Pads (Calder)
  22. Barnes Foundation*
    Location: Philadelphia, PA Famous pieces: Le bonheur de vivre (Matisse), Madras Rouge (Matisse), Le Bateau-atelier (Monet)
  23. Centre Georges Pompidou*
    Location: Paris, France Famous pieces: La Noce (Léger), Hallucination partielle (Dalí), Mit dem schwarzen Bogen (Kandinsky)
  24. Whitney Museum of American Art*
    Location: New York City, NY Famous pieces: Early Sunday Morning (Hopper), Woman and Bicycle (Kooning), Stairway at 48 rue de Lille Paris (Hopper)
  25. Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía *
    Location: Madrid, Spain Famous pieces: Guernica (Picasso), The Great Masturbator (Dalí), Desnudo (Balbuena)