My favorites

Inspired by @Jaycer17
  1. Movie: Some Like it Hot
    Always makes me laugh.
  2. Movie franchise: Shrek
    Don't really like franchises but I fuck with Shrek.
  3. Author: John Steinbeck
    Love him.
  4. Spanish-language author: Juan Rulfo
    Or Gabriel García Márquez or Junot Díaz or Isabel Allende or Pablo Neruda. Couldn't pick just one, there's too many great authors.
  5. Inspiring person: Henry David Thoreau
    Author of Walden and Civil Disobedience. He's an admirable guy who fought for what he believed in.
  6. Band: Cold War Kids
  7. Musician: Kendrick Lamar
    An amazing rapper and songwriter, that likes his music to have a deeper meaning.
  8. Band in Spanish: Ariel Camacho Y Los Plebes Del Rancho
    Poor guy (Ariel) died last year at the young age of 22. The two albums they released are amazing and have been my solace since his death.
  9. Animal: Jellyfish
    Most fascinating creatures. They're beautiful.
  10. Animal I couldn't have as a pet (and wouldn't want to, truthfully.): octopus
    Sneaky. Beautiful. Intelligent.
  11. English word: Eloquence
  12. Spanish word: Ojalá
  13. Bae: The Alaskan
    Guy from my CH class. He's Mexican and grew up in Alaska. He gave me Sabritones last class so obviously he's bae.