Thanks @nathanveshecco for requesting! This list took me forever to write because it was a difficult decision in what direction I wanted to take this. I took it pretty seriously and tried to give actually insight into myself. I just did 9 songs.
  1. That Would be Enough by Lin-Manuel Miranda
    An emotional song about being good enough. Being overly emotional since birth (which I love, and isn't a negative characteristic you heartless internet robots) this song is beautifully written and makes me cry every time. I can relate so much to Hamilton's character in this song. So in terms of my life I'd say it represents my life since its start and until its end, because I'll continue my desire to provide the best for someone (mom, partner, etc).
  2. Ojos Asi by Shakira
    My aunt had the cd Dónde están los Ladrones and every time I slept over at my cousins' house I'd have to go to Sunday church. We'd listen to that cd there and back. I can picture listening to this song specifically on the way to church.
  3. Work it by Missy Elliot
    Icon. I was around ten when this was my song. She is extremely talented. I was the cousin that started cursing at a young age and listened to rap and hip-hop. I love how Missy doesn't allow others to control her art. She creates music and videos how she wants to. My aunt and uncle that used to take me to church if I slept over at their house (story above) didn't want me hanging out with their kids because I wanted that liberty to say what the fuck I wanted and listen to what I wanted.
  4. La Carcacha by Selena
    Really got into Selena again during my preteens. My mom was a fan so I grew up listening to her music. It's a fun song with great rhythm.
  5. Boogie on Reggae Woman by Stevie Wonder
    During my early teens I started exploring other music genres. This song became one of my favorites.
  6. Homely Girl by UB40
    This song really reminds me of my sister because she got into UB40 and similar music during high school. I became a lowkey fan ever since. In terms of my life it represents the large role my sister has in my life. Although she can't clean after herself, requires my assistance with minor tasks, and can't cook for shit she was a mother figure to me. She's the best and I wouldn't be as tough as I am if it wasn't for her.
  7. Ne Me Quitte Pas by Nina Simone
    A song that's written so poetically and that's sang angelically by Nina. It represents my continued search for belonging. As well as the importance I put on loyalty.
  8. Eye of the Needle by Sia
    Sia is definitely one of the best artist out there. Her ability to fill her songs with so much emotion is amazing. Her songs are compressed of a ton of emotion and that's how I'd describe myself. I don't express my emotions easily but the abundance of emotion inside is still there. As I continue my twenties I am becoming more aware of the importance of showing how I feel.
  9. Del Negociante by Los Plebes del Rancho de Ariel Camacho
    This song represents the reconnection with my culture I've been doing for the past few years. Growing up and assimilating to American culture I feel I lost my pride in being Mexican. I saw myself not wanting to listen to Mexican music, not want to make family a priority, speak less and less Spanish. That isn't who I want to be. I saw my Spanish getting worse and myself stumbling to find the correct phrasing while speaking to my abuelos y tias/tios. This song reminds me of where I came from.