All the nicknames given to me by others.
  1. Pope
    Given to me by my cousins. It's used pretty often by my cousins.
  2. Paul
    My sister started this one. She and her friends (and some of my friends) use it to talk to me. Other than that it isn't used very often by others.
  3. P
    My sister again started this one, used by pretty much everyone.
  4. PD
    My siblings started this one. It was because of my initials but since I changed my name it doesn't make sense since my new initials are PA.
  5. Pala
    This one was started by my brother because he couldn't say Pah-ol-a when he was a kid. Mainly used by my mom now a days.
  6. Pola
    Pronounced like pole-a. The older people (uncles, aunts, grandparents, etc) use this one the most. One of them started it I just don't know which one.
  7. La perra Pola
    This is what my uncle in Mexico (tío Saloman) calls me. The two first words translate to 'the dog' and the last word is like the one above. It's not said as an insult it's more of saying I'm the boss since I like to tell others what to do.