After trying all three music streaming services, here's a list of pros and cons of each.
  1. Spotify
    *Really easy to use *A lot of features with free account *$5 college student discount for premium *Can create, follow, and share playlists *A ton of playlists *30 minutes of ad free music if you watch 30 sec ad *Easy to download songs for offline use with premium *$10 monthly subscription for premium *Library of 30 million songs *Free month of premium
  2. Apple Music
    *Playlists aren't very good *Can create own playlists *3 month free trial *Finally college student discount ($5 a month) *Has Drake/exclusive artists *$10 for monthly subscription *$15 for family plan (6 people) *Library of 37 million songs
  3. Tidal
    *$12 monthly subscription *$26 a month for "Tidal HiFi" *Exclusive artists (Beyonce, Kanye, etc) *Terrible playlists (celebrity made playlists aren't great) *Not that many playlists *Offline content doesn't play offline (rarely it does) *1 month free trial *College discount 50% off *Library of 25 million songs
  4. Final thoughts
    Having exclusive artists is fucking stupid. Instead of getting artists to release their albums exclusively on your platform use that time and actually ensure your app works and add better features/playlists. While I understand that Tidal pays artists more per stream (Apple Music and Spotify pay about the same), their users are a lot less than Spotify meaning less streams. In conclusion, I'm sticking with Spotify.
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