Song titles for when . . .

Song titles used as responses. Feel free to suggest a ton.
  1. My mom continues to call my name after I replied with 'What?!':
  2. Someone asks me how long I'll continue being argumentative:
  3. My dog won't stop barking at the UPS guy:
    *with Eustace (from Courage the Cowardly Dog) voice*
  4. Someone asks if I want a croissant:
    oui (French) = yes
  5. Someone sees a dog leave while I'm rubbing its belly:
  6. I've repeated myself more than twice, and someone keeps asking 'What??':
    . . . how many times do I have to repeat myself!?
  7. Someone comments on my lack of breath while I'm rapping:
  8. Someone asks when the next math exam is:
    As of today.
  9. Someone asks what kind of candy I want from the store:
  10. My brother got the good gossip, but hasn't spilled it:
    Boy's got some secrets.
  11. My aunts/uncles start looking at my screen while I'm texting:
  12. I take my sister to a restaurant she's never been to:
    But I have. So I order for her.