1. Stranger Things
    Love this fucking show! I had heard the hype about it and how it was great and was ready to watch it and dislike it. However, the hype wasn't wrong, this show is amazing. Dustin is the sweetest little kid and so smart. He's the best character (Eleven is great too). Also Jonathan is the best teenager on the show. Definitely watch it, you won't be disappointed.
  2. My elderly neighbors
    My neighbors, that are all over 80 years old, are the best. The lady that lives next door, Josie, gave me some cherry tomatoes and some peaches from her garden. The lady that lives across the street from me, Edna, recently knitted me some oven mitts. And her husband, Pete- who unfortunately passed away a few months ago, made me some tongs to get my bread out of the toaster if it gets stuck for Christmas. Overall my neighbors are the best and the sweetest. I love living in a community like this.
  3. Rajiv Surendra
    AKA Kevin G from Mean Girls. He does calligraphy now and is extremely talented. He is releasing his memoir called The Elephants in My Backyard: A Memoir. His work is extremely impressive and his Snapchat is super dope. Check his work out!
  4. Golf Media (App)
    Tyler The Creator has this app where he just puts a bunch of cool shit. His radio has some great music, he has a cooking show, merchandise, and other stuff. So far it's really cool. (When you open the app that's the first thing that shows up)
  5. Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald
    scottandzelda.com has some interesting information about F. Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda. It's cool.
  6. This mask
    There's a rib cook off (amazing ribs and food) going on where I live and a ton of small vendors go and I bought this mask yesterday. Which I will use for Halloween and Day of The Dead.