Things I'm into this week

Some stuff I'm loving.
  1. BiBi Bourelly
    She is amazing! She has a great voice and the coolest fucking songs I've heard lately. She's the daughter of Jean-Paul Bourelly. Definitely recommend you check her out.
    He's the coolest (DJ, musician, producer). He makes amazing music and beats. His music is extremely relaxing. Check him out.
  3. Pillow app
    This app tracks your sleep patterns, can put you to sleep, be an alarm, and a lot of other stuff. It's great. That's my sleep pattern and I'm pretty much in deep sleep all night. Super cool.
  4. Imperium
    Daniel Radcliffe plays a FBI agent and he goes undercover to infiltrate a white supremacist group. Good movie, Radcliffe does a great job (obviously). Overall I'd give this movie an eight out of ten.
  5. Édgar Ramírez
    Super excited about Hands of Stone and about this guy. He's a Venezuelan actor and he is my new Pedro Pascal.