Recommend all these.
  1. Voting
    Check for your poll (search "voting polls" on Google and input your address and you'll find it) and the time. Mine is from 7am-7pm, so I woke up early and was there before 7am. Was out by 7:30am. Don't let others decide not only the presidency (and vote for whoever you want 'cause this is a democracy) but your local government and state questions (like dying with dignity laws, recreational marijuana, etc.). Go vote!
  2. M.A.M.O.N short film
    Satirical short film about a Trump presidency on Mexicans. Watch here:
  3. The Handmaiden
    A wealthy Japanese woman is being conned by a Korean man and an orphaned pickpocket. An intense, erotic, and twisted tale. Definitely a recommendation.
  4. These candies.
    My favorite is the Classic Series Guava candy.