Things my abuela loves

(Inspired by @stars) list on things my grandma loves and also a little rant on my family members.
  1. Gossip
    She loves to tell gossip, hear gossip, and everything in between. Some of my family members like to say she's chismosa (because they're fucking idiots). However she just wants to know what's going on in their lives. To make sure they're doing alright.
  2. Ice cream
    Her favorite. She loves all flavors of ice cream and at anytime of the year she'll eat some. One time during winter (a few years ago) we both had some ice cream and it was snowing, I ended up getting a cold and she was perfectly fine.
  3. Popcorn
    One of her favorite snacks. On days I know she arrives I fill the house with her favorite treats. She knows that as soon as she arrives at my house she will drink some coffee and eat popcorn while watching Caso Cerrado. Just be relaxed.
  4. Caso Cerrado
    She's like the Spanish version of Judge Judy. All the cases are extremely ridiculous but really entertaining.
  5. Laura
    She's more like Spanish version of Maury. She brings people to her show to expose them.
  6. Phone calls
    With her living in Mexico with my grandpa and most of her kids (my aunts and uncles) living in the U.S. she gets really excited when you call her. A phone call with her last no less than two hours and a half. My sister and I make sure we check on both her and my grandpa at least once (sometimes twice) a week. This week it has been like four times, because they're planning on coming to visit next week.
  7. Helping others
    She always tries to help her neighbors and random people. She is the sweetest and many of my other family members (aunts, uncles, cousins) just take her for granted. For example, my uncle was hosting the annual AA party for his AA class and last minute he gets in an argument with his wife, also the person who was supposed to make the food. She refuses to make the food for him. So last minute my grandma (she was here visiting) steps in and makes a delicious meal for about 80 people.
  8. Me painting her nails
    One of the first things we do when she gets here. She loves to keep her nails long and have me paint them when she visits. After noticing some of my cousins now as soon as she gets here paint her nails (because they worry about who's her favorite grandchild), but she always asks me to paint them again when they're not around.
  9. Coffee
    She can have up to five cups a day. Because when there's coffee there's gossip.
  10. Making sure we've eaten
    First thing she'll ask you is how you are, the second thing is if you've eaten. She's a great cook and I've made sure I start helping her cook to bond with her and at the same time learn to cook. Last time I was the only one helping her make food for the entire family (that's like 40 people). She makes sure to let my cousins know. Which they hate because they (the 18-30 year olds) want to be her favorite grandchild but at the same time don't spend time with either her or my grandpa.