Times I've felt proud of my choice to quit social media because of Mr. Robot. As well as my hope that season two gets me fully off social media. Plus my reasons to leave them. *most of them
  1. Fuck society speech
    Season 1 Episode 1: I have never agreed with something so much, as I do with that speech!!! I deleted my Instagram after this, and haven't gone back since. It also gave me reassurance of why I deleted Twitter a few years back.
  2. I hate Facebook
    Season 1 Episode 1: After Shayla asks why she can't find Elliot on Facebook. I have been off Facebook for three years and I love that I'm not the only one that despises Facebook.
  3. Tumblr
    I had a Tumblr when I was a freshman in high school and before sophomore year began I decided to delete it. Now as a college student I fell back into my old ways and created a new one. My plan is to get rid of it this summer.
  4. Snapchat
    Those fucking filters dragged me into creating an account and now I'm conflicted with staying or leaving. Also DJ Khaled is awesome.
  5. Li.st
    This one isn't bad. It helps clear my mind of cool ideas and tv/movies/authors/etc I don't want to forget about.
  6. Reasons I want to rid myself of social media*
    I play with my dog less because of them. Look at my Amo (my dog).
  7. Static
    I read less. The last book (above) I read was a month ago. Reading articles is fine but I really need a new book to read.
  8. Giphy
    So technically Mr. Robot only lead to me deleting Instagram but that is something. If you haven't watched it, watch it. Then watch it again, and again. Season 2 airs July 13, 2016!!!