TOP 5: Chips {🇲🇽}

aka Sabritas (4 out of 5 at least)
  1. Sabritones
    Lime and chile flavored puff chips. Amazing chips. You can find in many US stores.
  2. Pake-taxo
    They're like the Mexican version of Munchies. It has a variety of different chips that are mainly Mexican chips. The yellow ones are the best. Still haven't been able to find these in any US stores.
  3. Rancheritos
    Tortilla chips with the taste of roasted peppers. You can easily find these in many US stores.
  4. Takis
    Pretty well known in the US. They're spicy (not really but some people think so) tortilla chips. The purple ones are the best ones.
  5. Tostitos
    They're tortilla chips with a little bit of spice. Love these. Can be found in some US stores.
  6. PLUS: Duros (sorry)
    Puffed wheat chips. You add Tapatío or Valentina or chamoy and some limón and it's the best thing ever.