US states if they were small roles in Mean Girls

Inspired by @Lisa_Fav
  1. Jason: California
    Full of themselves, can be total assholes. Somewhat charming, so you keep taking them back.
  2. Glenn Coco: Washington
    Super cool. Doesn't take themselves too serious. Is also quietly judgmental.
  3. Mrs. George: Florida
    Hot mess. Does the craziest things for attention.
  4. Ms. Norbury: New York
    A pusher, they push people. Pretty chill but still strict.
  5. Michigan girl: Michigan
    Is from Michigan.
  6. Shane Oman: Oregon
    A total bro. Kinda hot, but not very bright. Is okay with being the other man.
  7. Tim Pak: Nevada
    Knows about money (or how to lose it -Vegas). Is in the Mathletes aka pretty good at math.
  8. Girl punched in face by Regina: Texas
    Thinks it's awesome to be punched in the face. People think they're lying about things. Talks a little too much about a topic.
  9. Kylie George: Hawaii
    Loves to dance. Youngest in the family.
  10. People that have felt personally victimized: all states not named
    Too many to name.