What I'd Offer in the POTUS Monthly Subscription Box

Inspired by @mallofamanda @kcupcaker . This subscription will just be a total surprise of shit I like and things I think are cool enough to share each month.
  1. The first month only: friendship necklace
    This one (from minorobsessions.com) or one like it (with a cactus or a cloud instead) for those who would rather not have a weed necklace.
  2. Book(s) of the month
    Depending on how many books I read and how many of them I liked. Wouldn't exceed two books.
  3. A quilt
    Probably would occur only every other month so people wouldn't get tired of all the fucking quilts.
  4. A diagram of a penis I have on my phone
    Saved since July after searching up vasectomy procedure (thanks for the info Planned Parenthood). Probably a new diagram per month.
  5. Adult coloring books
    One or two each month, probably.
  6. Shirt of the month
    Like this one from SomarAtx.com that I'm in love with. Just badass shirts that I find.
  7. Coricos
    A bag of coricos that are cookies made out of maize. They're my favorite!
  8. Favorite Trader Joe's item
    My favorite item(s) of the month.
  9. Stationary
    Some greeting cards, some thank you cards, and fun items like that.
  10. Some Mexican candy
    'Cause why the fuck not.
  11. Games
    Mainly card games. One game per month.
  12. Cool rolling pin
    Look how beautiful these are! (On Etsy @HappyRollingPin)