1. My friend asked me to hold on to a stray dog until today at 5pm
    His coworker wants him and he doesn't have anywhere to put him.
  2. He's a really cute dog
  3. He had to sleep outside
    So I slept in the living room to check on him if he began to bark/cry
  4. Here he is
    I didn't have an extra dog bed, so he slept on a blanket.
  5. I named him Wilson
    Which is probably a bad idea. Don't want to get attached.
  6. Well, the couch is not comfortable to sleep on.
    So I woke up constantly and at like 4:30am decided to stay awake after going into this app to write this list.
  7. And here he is having a blast with Amo
    My Amo is being such a good boy!