1. People can't pronounce it correctly
    Till this day people can't pronounce it. That really discouraged me from liking it. They either pronounced it Pool-a, Pow-la, Pole-a, Paul-a, Pay-ol-a (it is the closest to how you actually pronounce it).
  2. When I was in elementary school the bigger kids on the bus would tease me about it
    One kid in particular, Joey, would tease me about my name. Although he knew how to pronounce it he always acted like he didn't and would call me Pool-a. The bus driver was this really nice lady named Neda and she loved my sister and I, so she always told him to knock it off.
  3. My biological father chose it
    I don't have a relationship with this man and would rather have nothing to do with him. It is my fault for begging my mom to tell me why she chose my name and she told me. The reason he chose Paola was because some woman he used to date had that name (what a dick, right?!).
  4. The meaning of Paola
    It just means little, smart, and humble. Which isn't bad and I've grown to appreciate those meanings.
  5. Let me tell you how to pronounce it
    I'm Mexican, so it's not pronounced like an Italian name (Pow-lah), it's pronounced the Spanish way: PA-OH-LA. Throughout elementary up until junior year of high school I didn't care how people pronounced my name. Now it's important to me that people say it correctly or not at all. Regardless of who chose it for me, it's my name and I've learned to love it.
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    Uzo Aduba's mom 🙏🏽🙏🏽
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