Opening Lines From Previous List "Top Notch Book Covers"

Some of those books have since been sold, so we had to choose some stand-in top notch books, but here we go..
  1. Wyoming Glory Eden Richards by Jeanne Foster
    "Eden Richards's faded calico stuck sweatily to her arms and shoulders, which ached from pushing the handcart her share of that day's journey, one small fraction of the miles between Iowa City, Iowa and the Great Salt Lake."
  2. Leviathan's Deep by Jayge Carr
    "There are many levers to crack open a mind."
  3. Sar by John Robert Russell
    "The first heavy rain of autumn beat down in the thatch of the field hut where Sar sat content enough and dry enough waiting for the storm to end."
  4. Health Club by James Kearney
    "Mary Catherine Shaughnessy wondered why she was alone on Saturday night, and decided not to care."
  5. A World of Trouble by Robert E. Toomey, Jr.
    "We translated into = relativistic = space, and my spirit warily rejoined my flesh."
  6. The Late Great Future edited by Gregory Fitzgerald and John Dillon